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Momma's Story

Lorin L. Hall, aka Momma, started tinkering with computers back in 1996 as the internet started really coming alive. Originally a film major, Lorin turned to computer science as the computer bug in her grew larger and larger. Deciding she was not as interested in programming, Lorin received her degree from UCF in Management Information Systems, a nice blend of business and computers. She gained experience working in several computer labs at UCF, troubleshooting anything and everything and assisting students with computer projects. Over the course of college she found a passion for hardware as things started to look better taken apart than together. Classmates and friends alike started to take notice that "this girl fixes things" and so repair became a part time gig. Upon graduation, in 2002, the dot com crash was in full force. The market was saturated with IT professionals that were being laid off one by one. No vacancies in IT led Lorin straight back to film as she took a job managing Regal Cinemas Waterford Lakes 20. It was not long after accepting the position at Regal that a new staff of 150 started needing computer repair. Then they needed iPod repair. Then "I lost my paper!" data recovery. Lorin was swamped in the movie theater industry with far too many computers to fix.

Knowing very well that a degree is just not enough, Lorin set out on a road of self-study and online coursework to earn her professional technician certifications. After a year of study and seven grueling exams, Lorin holds the highly coveted certifications shown here on her site. It was time. Lorin left the theater carrying all her babies (computers) with her. The staff waived goodbye all the while remembering the kindness, the care, and the repair Lorin gave them.

And so...Momma Motherboard was born.

"Momma Motherboard is highly trained and skilled and offers just about any type of computer repair, laptop repair, or iPod repair. Including many more jobs others do not perform such as personal computer shopping and computer program lessons designed to save you money.

Why replace a whole computer when only one piece needs replacing? Simple, right? Well, not all technicians have the same knowledge. Think of it this way...if most technicians are computer doctors, then Momma is a computer surgeon."

Momma Approved
CompTIA A+ Certified IT Technician
Microsoft Certified Professional
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator
Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator Messaging