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Momma Motherboard offers just about any type of computer repair, laptop repair, or iPod repair. Including many more jobs others do not perform. Momma is highly trained and skilled offering specialized services in computer repair, laptop repair, iPod repair, and more, designed to save you money. Why replace a whole computer part when only one piece needs replacing? Simple, right? Well, not all technicians have the same knowledge.

Forget what you've been told! EVERYTHING IS FIXABLE! The question is whether it is COST-EFFECTIVE to repair! Momma is here to give you the truth! We will weigh all your options together and decide what is best for you based on your needs and your budget. No longer shall you be left in the dark about your machine, your data, and your livelihood.

It is time you were treated like a person and not a number. And it is high time you were given an explanation and a choice! Momma is introducing compassion into technology. After all, your life is on this thing!

Computer Repair

Computer Repair

What's with this thing?
This is Momma's computer diagnostic service. The way it works is it's $75. BUT....if you stay with Momma to fix your problem, the $75 gets applied toward the final bill. Just like getting it for free. Fair enough?

* Pricing may vary

Clean Your Room
I hate to admit it, but Momma is not the tidiest person in the world.  I am queen of clothes on the floor and shoes everywhere.  Well, over time, if I never cleaned, it would get to the point where I couldn't even walk in my room.  This is a perfect illustration of what happens to your computer over about a year's time.  It's called clutter.  Everything you save and everywhere you visit on the web, all your programs you put in and take out, all the pictures you take, create clutter.  Clutter needs to be cleaned and organized or your computer can't “walk in your room” and slowness occurs.  Most people just think computers get slow and then you have to buy a new one.  Well, that's like moving so you don't have to clean your room.  It's just crazy.  Once a year, Momma can save all of your stuff and wipe it clean. It'll be faster than you ever remember it being.  It's amazing what a little cleaning can do.

Starting at $179

Dust and Vacuum add-on to Clean Your Room
Ok, so the vacuuming is just a figure of speech. Did you know that the inside of your computer can become just like a furnace? After about a year, dust, debris, pet hair, bugs, and some other crazy things all get trapped inside and create heat and static. Heat and static are the two biggest causes of computer death. What most people don't know is that computers are like central air. Once they reach a certain temperature, they shut down to prevent burning and fire hazards. Well, sometimes, they miss their cutoff because of blockage from all of these “collectables.” Then it's off to the store for a new computer. Let momma make your insides sparkle and shine with this very important routine maintenance. If performed once a year, you will always have a healthy, smooth operating machine with a very long lifespan.

$29 ($99 when purchased separately)

Maid Service and Manicure
Ok, so what exactly does a maid do? Well, they don't exactly pick up after you. They mostly dust, vacuum, shine, polish, and put the real “clean” into clean. They do the real scrubbing and hard work so build-up and things like mold are never a factor. Computers are the same. While most people maybe delete files or clean up programs, no one ever told them that the inside cleaning is even more important. Only problem is it does require hired help to do. The severity of it is quite great as the dust, debris, pet hair, and bugs cause heat and static to build up over time and your computer, believe it or not, can actually suffocate . There is even a special nail-polish looking substance called thermal compound that cracks over time and stops eliminating heat. It begins to look just like the computer is badly in need of a manicure. When this happens, freezing, random shutdowns, and even computer death can occur. Good news is, now there is a place to go. Drop your computer off to Momma for a nice facial and manicure to prolong a healthy life while you go out and do the same for you.

$99 - $150 for laptops

Clone Me
Hard drives fail. It's like a flat tire or a broken nail. Life happens. Unfortunately, most repair shops go about this all wrong. They start listing and listing fees like new hard drive, new Windows install, data recovery, installation of hard drive, data copying, licensing, blah, blah, blah.....wait.....what!? How about we do something simpler. How about we take the broken one and make an exact copy of it to the new one? Pop the new one in and Viola! New, like nothing happened. As you were...

*** Note this is about 80% of cases. If the hard drive has died completely, other options will be presented.

$129 + cost of drive

Blue Screen Of Death
The infamous Windows "blue screen" is a random happening that occurs more than people think. This ugly error is frustrating beyond belief. And it has absolutely no pattern. Just happens when it feels like it. Good news is, it's fixable! Bad news is, it is probably one of the hardest things to diagnose and can be ANYTHING. Bring it in and let us pull our hair out for a while. You relax. You deserve it after this.

I Can't Get On The Internet
This problem has just about the worst timing possible. Just when you're about to sit down to pay the bills or write a paper, suddenly a "server connection error." Google…nothing. Yahoo…nothing. Espn…nothing. Now what? Before you call us, call your internet service provider to see if there are any known outages in your area. If no outages have been reported, call us and we'll have you up and surfin' in no time. If after we diagnose the problem and it lies with your provider, we will set you up an appointment with them while we are out.

The Thing Won't Even Turn On
This is perhaps the most frightening thing in the world. A scary black screen staring you straight in the face. Power button useless. Everything important to you stuck in this box. Just know, you're not alone. Take control and don't let your files win at hide and seek. We know they're in there! And we'll make em come out!!! Then we'll get it back on.

My Computer Is SOOOOO Slow
Ahh, the most common of all computer problems usually means one thing: VIRUS! Don't panic! This is not as deadly as most make it out to be. The important thing to remember is it CAN be deadly if not attended to. Just like the flu. Ignore it and you could become sicker. Well, ignore a painfully slow computer and your essential files just won't make it. We will secure all of your sacred info and get rid of all intruders.

We Wanna Share Our Stuff
Over time, we collect stuff. Movies, music, pictures, etc. The only problem is…we collect all this in different places. Let's say mom has tons of pictures on her computer and dad has tons of music on his. This makes for a lot of moving around and confusion. Imagine if we could access anything from anywhere? Well, we can with a home network. We can even share printers. Yep, hit print downstairs and pick up your paper upstairs.

These Wires Are So Annoying
Just get a new laptop and wanna roam free? Move to a new place only to find that only one room is wired for internet? Arguing over who's gonna get to use the computer next? Have no fear. Problem solved. Wireless internet is as convenient as it gets. And wireless comes with shared internet too! All secured, no fighting, no wires. Just pure bliss.

This Thing Won't Print
Let's face it, printers can be ugly. Nothing can taunt us quite like a printer screen with an error message. Or just getting one to work period. Or it worked an hour ago, now…nothing. Let us put it in its place! Or simply hook it up for you.

I Messed Up
Many people enjoy tinkering with computers. A true computer enthusiast knows there is always risk when trying new things. However, sometimes mistakes are made and unfortunately, this can be fatal to our machines. This is our "put it back the way I had it" or "I have no idea what I did" service.

"Momma Motherboard is highly trained and skilled and offers just about any type of computer repair, laptop repair, or iPod repair. Including many more jobs others do not perform such as personal computer shopping and computer program lessons designed to save you money.

Why replace a whole computer when only one piece needs replacing? Simple, right? Well, not all technicians have the same knowledge. Think of it this way...if most technicians are computer doctors, then Momma is a computer surgeon."

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